How to Become An Affiliate

Earn recurring commissions by promoting the tool that only wins when your audience does

Get paid every month by promoting the tool that guarantees your audience will make more money (but not in a scammy way)

What's In It For You?

No limit to how much you can earn per customer

25% commission

90 day cookie on all signups (even the free ones)

Lifetime commissions on every paying customer

Why SiteBuddy is different from other products

1. We only win when your audience does

We work to be the company with the world’s happiest customers. This means awesome customer support, building a community, and continual product excellence. We’re always adding new features and allow your audience to follow along in our journey.

2. We have an unbeatable value proposition (and conversions to prove it)

We guarantee that when someone uses SiteBuddy on their site, they will make more money. Simple as that. If they don’t, we give them the tool for free. This value guarantee means that we convert like crazy (~25% of our free customers become paid). And all of them have made more money with SiteBuddy.

3. Your audience is motivated to stay

Things on websites are always breaking. SiteBuddy’s repeat scanning of your site means that we don’t just fix problems, but we ensure that problems don’t crop up in the first place. We raise prices when we add features, but we keep current plans at the same price. This means that when someone starts a subscription, they’re motivated to stay.


We place a 30-day tracking cookie on all of your visitors. Once they sign up for a free account, we place a lifetime cookie on them. If they ever upgrade, you get the credit.

We use LinkMink. You can log in here to see your stats.

Our free-to-paid conversion is about 25%, meaning that 1 out of every 4 free users will become a paying customer.

We pay out every month at the beginning of the month.

Of course! We’d love to work together. Contact us with your idea.


  • Purchase through your own affiliate link (but hey, won’t lie, we appreciate the hustle)
  • Make misleading or false claims about us or our products
  • Bid on ads for our name
  • Buy or use any domain name with our brand in it
  • Do anything you wouldn’t be proud to tell your grandmother about